On an annual basis, JA-YE Europe coordinates trans-national special events and other youth activities that draw upon and benefit students and teachers across all the EU Member States and beyond. Events are hosted by Member Nations all across the continent of Europe, giving young people the chance to see and experience other contexts and cultures, not to mention meet their peers who share similar interests and goals.



Brings together firms or products produced by students (age 15-18) running a mini-company as part of their secondary education under the mentoring of their professors and business volunteers. This event is an opportunity for JA-YE secondary school student companies to show off their innovative ideas, to sell their products and services in a public setting and share their entrepreneurial spirit.


Is a showcase of the best student companies of the year from across Europe. Student companies that have won their national competition will compete for the championship. They are judged by a panel of business people on their annual reports, marketing, sales strategy, company presentation, product and/or service.


Brings together the best student companies at the post-secondary level (aged 19 +) from across Europe. These young people are developing companies that offer real products and/or services and are dealing with the everyday problems of starting up a business. Their challenge here is to sell their idea to a panel of potential “investors”, each of whom has a fictional 50000€ to spend.   



Is a 24-hour intensive idea generating workshop where students gather in order to address a specific business challenge to come up with ideas which would solve the problem.  


Competition encompasses youth-focused technology-based learning activities which helps teach them entrepreneurship and business skills. 


The JA-YE Europe Banks in Action Challenge competition encompasses youth-focused technology-based learning activities which would help young people learn how the banking system works and how to optimize financial resources. In the JA-YE Europe Banks in Action Challenge contest, students from across Europe form teams and act as corporate competitors in the same bank industry. Over a series of business rounds, they make their banking decisions on-line (virtually).
The FERD Award for Social Entrepreneurship aims to celebrate current or past participants of JA-YE entrepreneurship programmes from anywhere in the world, who through their JA enterprises have created a positive social impact in various fields of activities. They have the driving passion to change social patterns and make them better, by introducing new products/services or technologies, or by having a different approach than the traditional one. Awards are given to young entrepreneurs who have achieved a positive social impact through their activity and they show personal commitment towards facilitating social development. 


The JA-YE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award aims to recognize young leaders and visionaries who are creating and building the businesses of tomorrow. Awards are given to young entrepreneurs who have demonstrated excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance, and personal commitment to their businesses and communities.


Sci-preneurship 24 Hour Student Contest is an intensive experience which engages students from all over Europe in entrepreneurial and collaboration techniques. This contest aims to put ‘innovation and creativity’ with the specific focus on Science, Technology, Engeneering and Maths (STEM) in the spotlight through a partnership between Intel and JA-YE Europe.



Each year, thousands of JA-YE Alumni enter into Europe’s economy as potential entrepreneurs. The AMCHAM EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award would leverage JA-YE’s network to identify young people who are in the initial start-up phase of their business and have a business concept with strong growth potential. 



Hyundai and JA-YE Europe have launched an initiative that will help young European business leaders of tomorrow turn their dreams into reality. Through the Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs initiative Hyundai will provide financial support to those participants developing business plans with strong potential to become ‘real’ businesses. 15 start-ups from 14 participating countries will have the opportunity to benefit from the investment provided by Hyundai.