Banks in Action Challenge

The JA-YE Europe Banks in Action Challenge encompasses youth-focused technology-based learning activities which would help young people learn how the banking system works and how to optimize financial resources.

JA-YE Banks in Action simulation puts students in control of a financial empire: take in deposits, make loans, pay and collect interest and capture a crucial market share from competitors. During the competition, each bank team attempts to achieve the highest Bank Performance Index possible. Over a series of periods each team makes decisions on-line on short and long-term interest rates for bank deposits and loans. Teams also invest in research and development and marketing to strengthen their position as they compete against each other. At the end of the simulation, the bank team with the highest Bank Performance Index wins. 

The target group for the JA-YE Europe Banks in Action Challenge are students in JA-YE’s secondary school programs anywhere in Europe particularly those in the JA-YE Company Programme and JA Banks in Action Programme.

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