The impact of Entrepreneurship Education in Denmark (2010 edition)

The Danish government has taken a range of initiatives to strengthen entrepreneurship education and analyses show that more pupils and students than earlier now receive entrepreneurship teaching and training.

A recent study from the Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise Denmark show that entrepreneurship education and training has a positive impact on motivation for and inclination for starting business. This means that people who have studied entrepreneurship or been trained in entrepreneurship at some point actually start more businesses than people who have not received this kind of education.  

The Danish survey also showed that people who are trained are more inclined to start a business, intend to do so and own or run an established company. Entrepreneurship education also has a positive effect on income. All analyses show a positive correlation between entrepreneurship education and income. People who are trained tend to get considerably higher income than people who are not trained.  

A longitudinal study by Charney and Libecap showed that entrepreneurship graduates received an average annual income that was 27 percent higher than the average annual income of non-entrepreneurship graduates. In addition, the GEM survey shows that the more people have been trained the higher income they tend to get, and the increase is considerable.

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