What is Alumni Europe?


JA-YE Alumni Europe is a connecting interface of former JA-YE students from around Europe, with different cultural backgrounds, with different values but with the same goals:

of achieving and making a difference through establishing local JA-YE Alumni networks in all European countries

  • of helping local JA-YE organisations
  • of inspiring, motivating and guiding current JA-YE students to fully explore their potential and be able to think broadly
  • of building bridges between school and work life
  • of organising  big local and global projects together with other Alumni organisations, and
  • of expanding the precious network of JA-YE students
 JA-YE Europe Alumni Annual Report 2010


FLYING HIGH - JA-YE Europe Alumni Newsletter
(Special Edition - November 20





JA-YE Alumni Europe

-share the mission to create and organisation of young, engaged, motivated and talented leaders, who by having in common their JA-YE experience and by working together as a network, will help ensure that the young people coming after them will make the most of their potential

-share the vision of being the largest youth organisation in Europe with main focus on leadership, creativity, networking, and entrepreneurship one day.

-are former JA-YE students, who have the potential, enthusiasm, passion, and inner drive to fully commit themselves to the further expansion of JA-YE and its emergence into a completely new stage of relationships

-are part of a national and international network maintaining the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and preparing members for professional life

-are the people JA-YE “entrepreneurs” can always turn to. They have been through the same process, problems, and situations, but still they inherit the youth necessary to explain possible solutions in the best of ways

-are young people who have the commitment to make a difference

-are young people who can truly go far beyond the narrow frames of local perception, think and act globally

-are role models of tomorrow