Statistics on the JA-YE Europe Network 2011-2012


Number of Member Organisations: 38
Total Students: 3,049,278
Students in extra-curricular activities: 610,616
Number of Board Members: 456
Number of Business Volunteers: 129,996
Number of Schools: 73,053
Number of Teachers / Classes: 134,327



Each Member Nation, in cooperation with its donors and local education authorities, implements a roster of programmes designed and adapted to complement and enhance standard curricula. Not all JA-YE countries offer the same number and types of programmes, but there are a large number of programmes available, from primary school through to early university, so that it is possible for a child to go through a series of enterprise programmes that build upon each other throughout his or her school years. Secondary school programs, such as "The Company Programme" in particular, which is run in every one of our Member Nations, form the basis of our student activities at the European level. As this is an age-group which can travel, creating opportunities for them to participate in special events, allowing them to meet and get to know their peers from across the continent, is a major focus for JA-YE Europe


JA-YE organizations operate in all communities large and small, in all types of schools, and work with thousands of local businesses in order to provide students with a realistic window on the business world.