EwB Event Coming Soon! EwB Summit for Educators in Brussels

EWB SUMMIT FOR EDUCATORS will take place in Brussels 19-21 September 2011.



Secondary school teachers, business consultants and JA-YE staff are expected to attend this summit


How best to equip teachers?

At the heart of the event is the question of how best to equip teachers with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to foster the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people.

EWB offers students a unique opportunity 

This programme intends to mobilize its international potential for the benefit of more young people and leverage its local expertise. EwB lets students try their hand at running a real enterprise while they are still in school and makes links between these mini-companies across borders.  It is reinforced by specialized training for teachers. Teachers create demand for such programmes when they see that students “learn by doing” and are highly motivated by making and selling their own products or services.

Support for Educators

EwB Summit for Educators offers a variety of workshops, networking and panel debates for teachers from secondary schools.

Programme of the EwB Summit   updated on 12/09/2011

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Logistics Information - information about the venues, transportation, dress code any others

JA-YE Europe conducts “Innovative Teaching Survey”. The results will be presented during the EwB Summit for educators. 

You are invited to fill out the Innovative teaching Survey

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Kristina Velkovska
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