EwB teacher of the Year 2011

Mr. Stig Hulten from Denmark, teacher of the winning EwB joint-ventures in 2010 and 2011 received the EwB Teacher of the Year Award 2011 at the EwB Summit for Educators in Brussels on September 21st

The Award is designed to reconize and celebrate an outstanding teacher of the Enterprise without Borders programme who has demonstrated a level of personal commitment and dedication that goes beyond expectation throughout the EwB network.  List of the nominees

From left:. Stig Hultén - Denmark,  Antti-Pekka Nikula - Finland, Sonia Soussa- Portugal, Ornella Pili - Italy and Armando Persico - Italy

 “EwB is a fantastic opportunity for students as well as teachers to bring their learning and personaldevelopment out of their own country and get an understanding of other cultures. Since they are already working with their mini companies EwB adds another and needed dimension to their understanding of business. We live in a global world and no country - especially in the western world - can a¬ ord to just concentrate on itself. Giving our students the opportunity to interact with students around the world we play a part in moulding their attitude towards other cultures in a very positive way. Using EwB these things become a natural part of our daily teaching and our students take responsibility in a much larger sense than before. Through our entrepreneurial teaching we already change them from consumers in the class room into producers and now we make them cross borders out of interest and curiosity. Making friends in countries around the world make them realise that their language competences to a large scale are satisfying and work   ne. Using EwB in language classes as well makes a lot more sense than the traditional ways since the students’ work now create value for others, because it has a meaningful purpose i.e. building relationships and maybe also creating a business across borders.” said Mr. Stig Hultén at the Summit.