Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) a key driver of entrepreneurship

Intel Corporation and JA-YE Europe, Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship education, today announced the winner of the first Sci-preneurship student contest


A joint Intel ISEF & JA-YE Europe Alumni Initiative
under the patronage of
  Prof. Danuta  Huebner, Member of the European Parliament 



Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

(STEM) a key driver of entrepreneurship


 Brussels, October 19, 2011: Intel Corporation and Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Europe, Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship education, today announced the winner of the first Sci-preneurship student contest, a European competition where teams of students from 20 participating countries  -some possessing strong STEM backgrounds, while others who have business and entrepreneurial experience- worked together in mixed international teams to design projects that could have a significant positive impact on society. 

An invention to tackle noise pollution; a unique antibiotic packaging that functions as a pill dispenser; a web-based platform where consumers can get in touch with local farmers and rent pieces of land; or a smart outlet which allows people to economize and reduce energy use were just some of the innovative ideas presented by the 40 students age 18-23. The awards ceremony took place in the European Parliament and was hosted by Prof. Danuta Huebner, Member of the European Parliament.

A team of students from Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal took home the European prize for their innovative microscope device which integrates Nano technology and image recognition technologies to determine how close a food product is to expiry. 

Students who participated in this 24h innovation competition were coached throughout by employee mentors from Intel  and partner companies.  Teams were encouraged to think like innovators, applying their STEM and entrepreneurial skills to help them come up with commercially viable solutions. The students were alumni from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and alumni from JA-YE entrepreneurship programmes. 

Participating teams were also offered the opportunity to further develop their ideas. INVESTIN Poland, an advanced technology incubator, will support the teams to refine their business plans and find investors. 

When asked what they learned out of this event, the student Maria Tereza Bezem from the winning team said “I learned how to value business ideas and how to bring to life a scientific idea, commercialize it and present it.”

“Innovation is a major source of growth and competitiveness, I cannot think of any enterprise that would not benefit from innovation.  I am extremely happy that with partners like you we will be better prepared to cope with future entrepreneurial challenges,” said Prof. Danuta Huebner, Member of the European Parliament. 

“Europe needs more highly skilled, qualified and motivated individuals to create opportunities for economic growth and employment. We have seen here that combining STEM and entrepreneurship skills is a powerful basis for innovation and competitiveness in Europe,” said Caroline Jenner, CEO of JA-YE Europe.

Thomas Osburg, Intel’s Director for Corporate Affairs  Europe said  that "by encouraging emerging young entrepreneurs to team up with young scientists and reward ideas that have business potential, Intel aims to create the link between scientific expertise and a business approach in order to foster innovation."



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