Scheme to take better care of the elderly wins FERD Award for Social Entrepreneurship 2011

Oslo, 7th of August: Celebrating social entrepreneurship and positive social impact, the FERD Award for Social Entrepreneurship was announced during the JA-YE Europe Company of the Year Competition Final, Oslo 2011.

After a year-long selection process, 42 applications from 6 continents, and 6 finalists that took part in the last judging phase, the “FERD Award for Social entrepreneurship” was won by two inspiring, motivated and innovative young people from Sweden. 

Oscar Lundin and Benjamin Kainz impressed the jury with the way in which they managed to take an important social problem in Sweden, create a business model around it and also made it possible to be replicated and scalable virtually anywhere. Young Care Sweden is a social enterprise which brings cheer to the elderly through young people.

“It's a great honor for us to represent social entrepreneurship and a youth movement for a society that takes better care of its old people. A big thank you to FERD and JA-YE for this award!” said  Lundin and Kainz.

Young people are employed on short contracts where they visit and provide good company to the elderly in nursing homes or other similar institutions. The business model is innovative, scalable and sustainable, being able to take various problems that we face nowadays: short term employment for the youngsters, medium term careers choice and improvement of the quality life of the elderly. 

“Ung Omsorg was selected the winner of the FERD Award for Social Entrepreneurship 2011 after a very vigorous judging process. The work of the jury was difficult given the diversity of social business models that were presented from Yemen, Jordan, Brazil, Nigeria and Norway. Ung Omsorg  impressed the judges not only because they achieved a powerful impact in their target market but also because they provided part-time work to 570 young people. This will have an impact on youngsters’ career choice, set of values, and emotional intelligence, all this generating a tremendous positive social impact!” said Johan. H. Andresen, Owner and CEO of FERD (, and Chair of the jury.

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Notes to Editors

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